Buying Used Tires – 5 Things To Watch Out For

When buying used (used) tires either from a tire shop or from an online auction site, it is important to keep the following 5 questions in mind. Then you can ask the right questions about second hand tires and make sure you don't get a tire purchase that will lose you and your wallet!

1. Size

People get confused by tire sizes and it's not that weird – just weird. The basic size of a tire is 3 dimensional and if one of them is not mentioned, don't take it as is – it needs to be checked.

2. Cracked or damaged rubber

The good thing about buying used tires is to check if the tires are missing or cracked in the sidewalls and tread. It is advisable to bend the sidewalls well, making sure that there are no visible cracks or tendons. 

3. Bumps and irregularities

When buying used tires, it's a good idea to ask if there are any obvious tire repairs. Proper repair should not cause problems, but if there is a problem with the repair, moisture and air can penetrate the tire body, potentially causing further problems. No good fix!

4. Uneven wear or comb

Sometimes the tires under consideration may wear unevenly due to problems with the alignment or suspension of the vehicle where the tires were previously installed. 

5. Tire type

It's important to check if you're looking for tires that are only designed for the road – that's what you end up buying.

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