Caustic Soda in Granules or Flakes Form

Sodium hydroxide may occur in two forms. The first is a solution, also known as Sodium Lye, while the second is a solid form – flakes, prill, or caustic soda micro prills. You can, however, also buy caustic soda in powder or pearl form. Sodium hydroxide can be produced in the form of sodium lye by using modern membrane installations.

The membrane process can be distinguished from other procedures for two reasons. It is not only more environmentally friendly, as it has no impact on the natural environment and does not cause contamination by heavy metals, but it is also more energy-efficient.

Alternative to caustic soda in granules

Caustic soda in fragments is an alternative to sodium hydroxide in prill and granules. The advantage of caustic soda in fragments of granules is water solubility is much faster. Sodium hydroxide in flakes produced is sent to more than 100 countries around the world. Many international companies appreciate the quality of this product.

Customers who choose flakes know that this product dissolves into the form of sodium lye faster and more efficiently than in the case of prills and microprills offered by the competition.  Also note that this process causes a strongly exothermic reaction (heat release), which results in security risks when it is uncontrolled.

An additional advantage of caustic soda in flakes is its attractive price. After closing many production plants, the availability of prills significantly decreased. Therefore, the prices of caustic soda in granules substantially increased. From the economic perspective, caustic soda in flakes is much more efficient than caustic soda in prills for all buyers that want to use it in the form of a solution.

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