Different Varieties Of Pallets In The Market

Pallet racks are available in various sizes and dimensions. With the many features and functions in your pallet, you can choose the pallet rack that suits your application best. Used in industrial applications that require high-performance racks.

Smart scratching can help optimize storage space. Once you have decided on the main function of the shelf (if you want better functionality or solid storage), you can choose the right shelf. You can also navigate to this website to know more about different varieties of pallets.

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Different types of pallet racks

1. Roll-Formed

They are made of high-quality steel. Generally, they have tear holes, which allow flexible adjustment of the height of the trunk. Perforated tongs can also be made perforated.

2. Structural

Used in demanding applications. They are screwed to the floor and are therefore more durable than their counterparts. With a solid foundation, you can handle heavy loads more efficiently. This stand can be built to support the roof of the warehouse.

3. Drive-In And Drive-Through

This system allows the truck to acquire equipment and maneuver between racks. The drive-in system works according to the "last input, first output" (LIFO) method, while the transition system works according to the "first input, first output" (FIFO) method.

Pallet racks are especially useful in warehouses as they help increase storage capacity without taking up additional space. They help make use of vertical storage space. They can be adapted to the needs of the application.

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