Ensure Safe Possum Removal Sydney With These DIY Tips

Australia is blessed with a climate that makes it a perfect area for a wide variety of pests and creatures, and one of the country's most disturbing pests is the possum. Why they are a threat is because they have been classified as "protected" by the government, and that means that if you kill them, you can be killed. 

However, due to these reasons, we must ensure the safe elimination of these creatures. Therefore, the only option is to use the services of a pest repellent agent or prostate by calling 24 HR Emergency Work: 1800 600 760 and they will be there for your help.

Effective Bird Control and Possum Removal Service

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Do It Yourself Tips And Tricks To Remove Possums


  • According to experts, before implementing any strategies to eliminate the odds, you need to make sure that they are really possums, and not rats, mice, rodents, etc.
  • This can easily be achieved by sprinkling a little flour around areas you think they will use their way into your home, such as the bathroom, shaft.
  • Remember, these creatures can be about the size of a cat, but they are harmless and you don't have to scare them.

Alternative Habitat:

  • The next step is to track down the nest of this creature. This is possible without problems, for these hives smell like opossums.
  • For the most part, these nests will be easy to find and when you are ready, place them in the new home to encourage these creatures to move into their new home.
  • Give these creatures enough time to explore and care for their new home, feed them there, and the easiest option is some fruit.

Final Steps:

  • Once done the above tips, it's time to remove it from the properties by sprinkling some naphthalene or camphor.
  • However, be sure to combine these products for watering, otherwise, the two will lose their effectiveness.
  • If you believe the opossum has moved into your new home, block access to the roof by filling the holes with wire or hen wood.

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