How to Use Classic Paint For Your Home

This is the best time to paint your exterior. To paint, your house must be completely dry. It is a good idea not to use classic paint if it rains or snows before you begin. It is not a good idea to begin painting and then abruptly stop because of weather conditions.

How warm should it be to paint your house? It should be at least 37 degrees for most paints to paint your exterior. If you're applying two coats of paint to your house, and it's 55 degrees or colder for the day it's a good idea. If you’re looking for more information about classic paints check this out.


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The first coat can be painted one day and the second the next day. You can apply two coats if you live in an extremely dry area, such as Denver, during the summer months. It is recommended that you only paint one coat in humid areas like the south.

How to use an airless classic paint sprayer – Before you plug the airless into an extension cord, make sure that the airless is turned off! It's important to have another bucket beside your classic paint bucket when setting up the airless. Before turning on the machine, make sure the classic paint airless spray has been set to prime. You can even search online for more information about classic paints.

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