The Bottled Water Trend – Has the Consumer Changed?

In the past, drinking water seemed to be the last resort for many in the number of drinks available in the market. For many, bottled water is associated with people who have strict fitness programs or are on calorie-controlled diets. If you want to buy bottled water then visit

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Until recently, many people were not aware of the health benefits of drinking water, so the end-users of bottled water have changed dramatically over the last decade.

The image of a very fit person is no longer shown with bottled water, buying a bottle of water at the store instead of a can of lemonade is considered completely normal and definitely healthier.

The average person's body consists of about 60-70 percent water, only from these statistics will it become clear that regular intake of water is very important to maintain the body in the best possible way.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking tea, coffee, or soft drinks may not benefit thirst and don't have the same effect as drinking a glass of water.

It must be said that thanks to targeted media campaigns and TV advertising, bottled water has become much more glamorous and opened the market for buying bottled water to more consumers.

With this in mind, it's not just fitness addicts or serial dieters who opt for water, but consumers of all ages and backgrounds are choosing to buy a bottle of water as part of their daily routine.


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