Women Have Concerns About Health Care Reformation

A recent study was carried out in the name of the Independent Women's Forum revealed that health care was one of the many economic worries for American women. Only 16 percent said it was the main problem faced by the Congress and only half the respondent placed health care between three. But people in Washington have placed this problem before the cost of living everyday, energy costs, unemployment and other financial problems.

The label of health care reform prices has the main political implications. The cost of $ 829 billion over the next 10 years is considered too high by a number of women and 55 percent believe that this number is underestimated compared to what will actually be spent. Therefore, 45 percent will be less likely to choose candidates who support this or more; And 67 percent will not choose someone who supports people who move from private to the health care managed by the government. You can explore more  about health care services through https://www.embellalife.com/.

Women say the government spends money inefficiently (77%). About 48 percent are seen to the insurance company to reduce costs while ensuring quality health care. And 61 percent believe the private sector does a better job in providing choices.

More than half of women think the quality of care will get worse for their families and themselves if the government is the responsibility for the health care administration for all Americans. With a margin of four to one, it is believed that the involvement of the government will result in a decrease in the number of doctors who practice medicine.

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