Establishing Correct Facts In A Bible Study Group

There are many facts about the holy book that interest us and make us question the Bible in different ways. They can easily spark anyone's interest in learning and gaining knowledge about the Bible.

Always determine the facts first. This should not be taken lightly, and if you are really interested in studying Christianity and the Bible, it should be a priority for your Bible study group. 

To determine the correct Bible facts when you’re in a study group, always take help from various reference books, Old and New Testament books, Bible charts, maps, and posters. You can get the accurate bible history timeline by visiting

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Don't let anyone in your Bible study group mislead others. One of the biggest problems in churches today is the misuse or manipulation of Bible verses, and it is time for these church leaders to know that you are full and cannot handle it. 

If your Bible study group is talking about a verse or chapter in the Bible, it is not a bad idea to read the chapter or verse at least three times before studying or speculating. When we read something more than once, we often see things that we missed for the first time, and this learning method can benefit you and the whole group.

Remember that one of the most important things about Bible study is facts, and if you don't have any, tell everyone in the group. This eliminates a lot of frustration and prevents other Christians from spreading lies about their religion.

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