Conflict Caused By Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is very difficult to do. Not only the smoker by fire miserable months "learn" to smoke, but a great effort must be exerted to remove the normal defense mechanisms of the body with each cigarette smoked for as long as they smoke. 

It never gets easier because the body always works to resist what is unhealthy for her. The smoke learning process builds the psychological mechanism of smoking. Therefore, At initial stage vaping is the best option. Because it is not harmful like smoking cigarettes . You can find different vaping juices from the companies such as Vape Nation.

This mechanism suppresses normal defense against aggressive chemicals, the body entering delicate lungs that were designed only for clean air. Over time, this mechanism moves into the subconscious and out of consciousness.

The psychological mechanism of smoking is what keeps a smoker, not smoking or even a conscious decision to smoke. The conscious decision to smoke was made between the ages of 12 and 16 during the identity crisis of puberty. 

Once the psychological mechanism of smoking is created, it is the habit of smoking in contradiction with the conscious thought processes. 

This contradiction creates conflicts and smoking attempts to ease the conflict by trying to convince themselves that they like to smoke. This increases the difficulty of quitting.

Unfortunately, no matter how the smoking test, the conflict can not be resolved because they have to ignore the intense effort to suppress their body's defense mechanisms with each cigarette smoked and also some very real and unpleasant side effects.

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