Major Checks And Maintenance Guide For CNG Cars

Normally, the car starts in petrol and changes to CNG automatically once it reaches the warm-up state. There is no need to change any settings as it is good for the engine’s overall life.

  1. Renewal of CNG compliance plate: The compliance plate must be renewed every 3 years. It means the CNG cylinder and the kit is thoroughly checked as per the records. You can go to any nearby CNG fitment centre to get this done. This also improves the performance of your car.
  2. Air filter cleaning and replacement: You must clean the filter twice in a year and if required, change the filter yearly. This depends on the running of your car every year. If your car crosses 10,000 Kms, then change the filter immediately.
  3. Throttle body cleaning: Throttle body is a valve that connects the air filter to the intake. The throttle body in the case of CNG must be cleaned after every 10000 km. This is recommended by the experts.
  4. Spark plugs: Do change the spark plugs after a defined period of km run. This is important from the engine’s age point of view.
  5. Reduce filter cartridge: Replacing CNG filter after riding more than 20000 kms is of utmost importance. This serves as an enhancer for your engine and also improves the pickup.

These are all major checks for your CNG cars. If you need any further assistance, you can talk to nearby CNG experts.

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